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Update | New Office

Created 17.09.2009 18:12:14 | Last change 17.09.2009 18:14:32
New beautiful office with 10 new meshes and 5 recolors.

Update | Piru Relaxing Area

Created 09.09.2009 19:49:16 | Last change 09.09.2009 19:50:50
Only a small set for your sims to relax in a warm and cozy atmosphere...as a place where you have no worries anymore...
Set contains Armchair, Floor Lamp, Candles and Storage Box

Update | New Bathroom

Created 30.08.2009 18:56:11 | Last change 30.08.2009 18:59:11
New beautiful mini bathroom. Don´t forget to download the reguied meshes! Enjoy.
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